FIMAQH2012 logFIMAQH 2012 will be the scenario ot the latest national and international technology for the machine tool and production.

The 2012 edition will have an important participation of international companies. FIMAQH will receive companies from China, United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, among others. These companies will share scene with different companies of all over the world represented by local companies and also with large, medium and small local companies so that FIMAQH 2012 be the best place to find the worldwide offer of machines, tools, services and solutions for the productive industry.

PreAcreditacinPre-registration for the event that will offer the best offer of machine tools and capital goods for production from May 29th to June 2nd has already began.

The International Fair of machine tools, capital goods and services for production, organized exclusively by CARMAHE will open its door form May 29th to June 2nd in the Costa Salguero center in Buenos Aires city. Pre registration online is available so that you can access quickly and free of charge.

It is the first time that an official delegation of CMTBA (China Machine Tool and Tool Builders Association) will visit FIMAQH.

The delegation is formed by Mr. Geng Liangzhi, Vicepresident, Mrs. Zhang Jing, Director of the International Cooperation Department, Mr. Shan Xiqiang, Senior Engineer of Administrative Department, and Mrs. Ren Xiaoli, Senior Engineer of the Develpment Department.

The aim of the visit is to strengthen the bonds between CARMAHE and CMTBA. Visitors will have the opportunity to know FIMAQH 2012, its reach and its exhibitors.

This visit respond to the bonds strengthened in the CIMT (China International Machine Tool Show) with a delegation of CARMAHE formed by BSc. Pedro Cascales, President, and Eng.Gregorio Hernández, Executive Manager.

BSc Pedro Cascales, president of CARMAHE, participated of a large delegation of entrepreneurs of the Industrial and Regional Economies sectors that travelled to Angola in a commercial delegation organized by the Secretary of Domestic Trade.

ANGOLA1CARMAHE participated in the CAME delegation in which the industrial sector was representated by entrepreneurs of the building area, stationery, paneling, electrical appliances, clothing industry, shoe industry, food industry, drink industry, specific equipment for the oil industry, solutions and software programs and technology for soya derivatives, among others, and food and agriculture area was present through their complex productive vineyard, poultry oil, beekeeping, sugar refinery, tobacco and pepper industry, among others.