On January 17th There was a meeting in CARMAHE offices between our association authorities and representatives of the Cultural and Commercial Office of Taipei (Taiwan) in Argentine.

Mr. Daniel Su-Yang Tsao, former Director of the economic division of Taipei in Argentine, his successor, Mr.David Wei Ding, and the assistant Enrique Huang were received by CARMAHE hosts, Eng.Luis Lewin (Vice President), Eng.Juan C.Ferrero (Treasury), Eng. Eduardo Micheloni (Director), Eng.Gregorio Hernández (Executive Manager) and Accountant Federico Meligrana (Administrative Manager).

Bs.Pedro Cascales, President of CARMAHE, participated in the act in which was signed an agreement to set up a Consultative Body of Higher Education of Engineering for the sustainable development. Cascales went with Osvaldo Cornide representing the Argentine Confederation of Medium Entrerprises (CAME, in Spanish) and the Argentine Workers’ Central Union (CTA, in Spanish), among others and they signed an agreement with the authorities in Technopolis (Tecnópolis, in Spanish, is a science, technology, industry and art mega exhibition in Argentine) on Monday 5th.

From September 10th to 15th CARMAHE will participate in the 2012 edition of the
International Manufacturing Technology Show – IMTS- in Chicago, USA.

CARMAHE is the only Argentine delegation specially invited by their organizers, and it will participate with an institutional stand and activities of the chamber will be diffused.

The CARMAHE delegation is formed by its president, Bs. Pedro Cascales, its vice-president, Luis Lewin and the Administrative Manager, Bs. Federico Meligrana who will hold different bilateral meetings with delegations of present countries that participate in the meeting of international associations as part of the show.

acuerdo cmtba notaAs part of an strategy to generate higher value-added production in our country, the Argentine Machine Tool Association, Capital Goods and Service for Production (CARMAHE) held a cooperation agreement with the China Machine Tool and Tool Builders Association (CMTBA). China is the main importer of machine tools of the world.

The agreement was made during FIMAQH 2012, the most important metal mechanic show of the country organized by CARMAHE, and that gathers more than 250 exhibitors in a 12,000 m2 exhibition area and that was fully occupied in the Costa Salguero Center in Buenos Aires City.