BSc Pedro Cascales, president of CARMAHE, participated of a large delegation of entrepreneurs of the Industrial and Regional Economies sectors that travelled to Angola in a commercial delegation organized by the Secretary of Domestic Trade.

ANGOLA1CARMAHE participated in the CAME delegation in which the industrial sector was representated by entrepreneurs of the building area, stationery, paneling, electrical appliances, clothing industry, shoe industry, food industry, drink industry, specific equipment for the oil industry, solutions and software programs and technology for soya derivatives, among others, and food and agriculture area was present through their complex productive vineyard, poultry oil, beekeeping, sugar refinery, tobacco and pepper industry, among others.

AsambleaExtraordinariaAs from more than 50 years, CARMAHE has been supporting the machine tool and capital goods sector with its growth, seeking to be included as leaders of the productive industry international concert.
For such purpose, our Chamber associates decided to change its name last 25th of August, at an extraordinary general meeting. As a result, its name was changed from ‘machine tools, capital goods and services for production’ to ‘machine tools and technologies for production’.

emo07 logo colWith an institutional stand provided by the organizers, CARMAHE will be part of the next edition of EMO from September 19th – 24th in Hannover, Germany.

pedro cascales en olivosAt the Presidential House, the President of our country received a group of leading industrial and businessmen affiliated with CAME, the Argentine Association for Medium Sized Companies to celebrate the industry day. It was a working meeting of more than one hour and a half, lead by the President and the head of the sector association, Osvaldo Cornide.