Our Chamber

CARMAHE gathers and empowers all the energy of the Argentinean Metal-mechanic Industry.

Established on January 16th, 1956, the Argentine Machine Tool Association, Capital Goods and Services for Production -CARMAHE-, gathers Argentinean companies from the most diverse productive sectors.

Its objective, mission and vision have been supported by unchanged values all along its career record: honesty in our acts, aim to serve, team work, personal commitment, search for excellence, technical and professional leadership and common good.

CARMAHE promotes the commercial and technological development of industry, boosting national manufactures, foreign and domestic trade and supporting the ethical principles of free commercial competence.

Pioneer in our field, CARMAHE is the Exclusive Organizer of FIMAQH; the most important media and service show taking place in Argentina for our industry, involving national and foreign participation.

It is quality certified ISO 9001/2000 nationally; and IQNet internationally, issued by IRAM.

Our headquarters are in the City of Buenos Aires and suitable for events, such as training courses on topics of interest to our sector. Such service is available for our permanent staff and our Associates.

We offer a training plan and courses at technical and management level. We have signed agreements with AMET (Asociation of Technical Teaching Educators), with the Department of Education of the City of Buenos Aires and with the UTN Rector’s office (National Tecnology University). We organize the yearly editions of the International Congress of Manufacturing Engineering.

We develop our own media distribution channels; such as Tecnotrade TV, CARMAHE Tecnotrade, Newsflash, Main regulations, Digital newsletter and website.

CARMAHE is a number one institutional member of the Argentinean Chamber of Commerce. It is represented in the General Counsel and in several committees, such as the Foreign Trade Promotion and Imports. It is constantly in touch with official levels such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs and bi-national, colleague chambers in our country.

The Argentine Machine Tool Association, Capital Goods and Services for Production has been faithful to our industrial activity frame, supporting technological upgrading. Supplementing its role as trainers, CARMAHE is a member of SME – Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Buenos Aires branch. SME’s technical library operates in such offices, with permanently updated editions supplemented by our own technical and commercial library consisting of national and foreign copies in constant rotation.

A database and its files grant the access to a variety of information and statistics based on official and private sources.

CARMAHE is commitment, seriousness and knowledge put at the industry growth´s disposal.