FIMAQH: From 15th to 19th May, 2018 in Buenos Aires

FIMAQH: From 15th to 19th May, 2018 in Buenos Aires

The space allocation act was carried out on March 15th for the companies that have already booked spaces as exhibitors. So, more than 100 companies have confirmed their stand and begun to prepare their participation into the productive industry mega event.

Entrepreneurs of machine tool sector, capital goods and technologies for production were present at the allocation act and they are eager to show the economical and industrial growth and that is the frame of their participation into the show that shall be performed in the middle of 2018.

FIMAQH (20,000 m2 surface) is more than a year away and 70% of spaces for exhibitors are alrleady allocated and tens of companies are placed in a waiting list to get a space within the premises.

“Although reactivation as regards sales volume is not showed yet, we have confidence that we are working to get it and there are demands for spaces to participate in an industrial show as FIMAQH”, Jorge Göttert expressed, president of CARMAHE that is the organized chamber along with AAFMHA and CAFHIM.

On the other side, Daniel Delle Grazzie, president of AAFMHA, said: “we are in process of many changes that involved many setbacks but many entrepreneurs have bet at growth and we confirmed it when companies allocated spaces in FIMAQH even with spaces greater than last edition”.

FIMAQH shall be in Tecnopolis again, the only one premises of the country that allow a show of this kind and that is within international reach. From May 15th to 19th, 2018 in Buenos Aires, one of the biggest show of international technologies of the region shall be displayed.

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