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CARMAHE wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

60 years of work and commitment to the industry Argentina.

Entrepreneurs group together in CARMAHE chose through their vote to their colleagues who will represent them at the Board of Director of the Association. Mr.Jorge Göttert was reelected as President and he confirmed Mr.Luis Lewin as Vice President. Both will have a two years term mandate.

On Thursday, October 24th, the Argentine Machine Tool Association, Capital Goods and Service for Production called the Annual Regular Meeting in which new authorities were chosen.

The list headed by Jorge Göttert was unanimously voted. He was already member of the board and represented Göttert SA.

FIMAQH2012 logFIMAQH 2012 will be the scenario ot the latest national and international technology for the machine tool and production.

The 2012 edition will have an important participation of international companies. FIMAQH will receive companies from China, United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, among others. These companies will share scene with different companies of all over the world represented by local companies and also with large, medium and small local companies so that FIMAQH 2012 be the best place to find the worldwide offer of machines, tools, services and solutions for the productive industry.

AsambleaExtraordinariaAs from more than 50 years, CARMAHE has been supporting the machine tool and capital goods sector with its growth, seeking to be included as leaders of the productive industry international concert.
For such purpose, our Chamber associates decided to change its name last 25th of August, at an extraordinary general meeting. As a result, its name was changed from ‘machine tools, capital goods and services for production’ to ‘machine tools and technologies for production’.

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