Elections of authorities in CARMAHE

Elections of authorities in CARMAHE

Entrepreneurs group together in CARMAHE chose through their vote to their colleagues who will represent them at the Board of Director of the Association. Mr.Jorge Göttert was reelected as President and he confirmed Mr.Luis Lewin as Vice President. Both will have a two years term mandate.

As established in CARMAHE´s by-laws, part of the Board of Directors is renewed every year and President is changed every two years. They will represent most of the companies of the sector before the governmental authorities, and national and international private sector. In this election Pablo Fornillo, product manager of Siemens Argentina, was added to the Board of Directors and it was the only change of the authorities list.

Please click here to see how the Board of Directors of CARMAHE is made up.

Unanimously, members (the election is opened to all of them) chose again the management headed by Jorge Göttert who worked during 2014 and 2015 with the same dynamic of the last years of the association as regards technical training, participation in foreign commercial missions, and also representation of the sector before governmental authorities, which generated a great challenge in the last period.

This year, the elections of authorities in CARMAHE had a special feature because it was held facing the runoff election of the president who will govern Argentine in the following four years. Given this outlook of political changes, the Association keeps its position of working together, in which public sector as well as private one contribute with the best ideas and look for consensus that allow the manufacturing industry to grow in our country and also to pay attention to the national and international politics.